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  • Material Measuring Meter -1700SP

    Material Measuring Meter -1700SP

      The ReelPower Industrial  Model 1700 material length measurer offers increased accuracy, durability and operator convenience. The ROM 1700 has a measuring head that literally floats along the material being measured. That means less vibration between the material and the measurer - therefore greater accuracy. All counters feature large easy to read numerals available in Imperial or Metric. A...

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  • Heavy Duty Penthouse*

    Heavy Duty Penthouse*

      Includes Mini-Penthouse Standard Features and Options with the Additional Following Features: 36” Diameter CT Coil Turntable with Adjustable ID Pins for Coil Payo and Center Post for Spool Payo...

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  • knurled wheel 1700 P/N 0207-324*

    knurled wheel 1700 P/N 0207-324*

      Replacement Knurled wheel for 1700 or 1700SP Measurer P/N 0207-324...

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  • Cable Reel Stands

    Cable Reel Stands

      Reelpower Industrial Heavy Duty Cable Reel Stands are designed to last, featuring a forklift base to move them around with. Reelpower WC offers a complete line of standard, custom, and powered Cable Reel Stands to meet all your reeling needs....

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  • 1700-Material Measuring Meter

    1700-Material Measuring Meter

      The ReelPower Industrial 1700 series measurers are designed durable, easy to use, and highly accurate. Spring tension pinch roll design provides constant pressure on the material throughout the measuring process, providing accuracy within .5%....

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  • HJ 2 SS / Galvanized

    HJ 2 SS / Galvanized

      Integral Hydraulic Push Button Cutter Manual Shaftless Feature Electronic Stop to Length Counter Paralleling Guide Box Safety Guards Collapsible Coiler (Steel or Aluminum) Powered Traverse Systems Measuring Meter Paralleling Reels...

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  • Reel Jacks  - Simplex Mechanical Jacks

    Reel Jacks - Simplex Mechanical Jacks

      Reel Jacks - Simplex Mechanical Jacks: Reelpower Industrial Heavy Duty Simplex Jacks are designed with rugged use in mind. Exclusively distributed by Reelpower Industrial, these ratchet designed jacks are safe, strong, and easy to use when lifting reels....

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  • LT Series: Length Trac 200 and Length Trac 400 Measurers

    LT Series: Length Trac 200 and Length Trac 400 Measurers

      Standard Features LT 200 Series 1/64" to 2" Diameter material LT 400 Series 1/8" to 4" Diameter material Adjustable entrance & exit guide rollers - both models Bi-directional shaft encoder Caterpuller Belt Drive System Polyurethane Steel Reinforced Belts Precision Components High Accuracy +/- .06%...

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