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  • HJP


      Recommended for use with paying out material from supply reels. The HJP can improve the efficiency of your reel and cable handling operation. By utilizing a hydraulic jack (standard) or ElectroLift, reels can be raised and lowered with ease, using minimal manpower....

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  • Bobbin Spooler System - BSS-3500

    Bobbin Spooler System - BSS-3500

      NEW DESIGN! • Production speeds up to 3500 FPM (17.7 M/S) • Pneumatic reel lift table • No trenching or floor alterations required saving money, time, and effort • Touchscreen HMI controls and full system monitoring • Multiple safety features such as interlocking doors - ideal for high speed applications • Custom sizes available • Manufactured in the USA...

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  • Wire Tester Respooler

    Wire Tester Respooler

      • With 3/4” diameter machine cold roll steel, plug in style-payoff & takeup shafts • Digital stop-to-length 3100 counter with 1/64”-7/8” OD capabilities, dual metering wheels and machined aluminum components which signals the payoff & take-up for quick and precise deceleration...

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  • 1” OD DRIVE PIN P/N 1080-064

    1” OD DRIVE PIN P/N 1080-064

      1” OD Drive Pin, the drive pin are made of steel Replacement drive pin for models NK4 and WKT3...

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  • Puller Tensioner Trailer

    Puller Tensioner Trailer

      Self-contained diesel, gasoline,and propane powered hydraulic drive systems designed to handle your application Manual holding brake, Centralized control station, Powered forward & reverse tension, Adjustable pintle eye, hitch, & safety chains, Fold-away torque jack, Wheel chocks with storage compartment, Rear stabilizing lift jacks, Self-loading powered reel raise and lower...

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