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  • Wire Tester Respooler

    Wire Tester Respooler

      • With 3/4” diameter machine cold roll steel, plug in style-payoff & takeup shafts • Digital stop-to-length 3100 counter with 1/64”-7/8” OD capabilities, dual metering wheels and machined aluminum components which signals the payoff & take-up for quick and precise deceleration...

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  • Hot Stamp Respoolers

    Hot Stamp Respoolers

      If you need to respool hot stamped material this is the machine. Standard units include a powered payoff and powered takeup both dancer controlled and synchronized to the marking machine's stopping, stamping and starting....

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  • Insulation Test Respoolers

    Insulation Test Respoolers

      Insulation Testing and Respooling systems are a completely self-contained unit that was designed/developed for high speed in line production testing on PVC, teflon and other types of insulated wire with automatic respooling capabilities fro perdetermeined length packages....

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  • Fine Wire Respooler

    Fine Wire Respooler

      When high speed, versatility, ease of use and simplicity are important, the FWR-101 is the answer....

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  • Wire Insulation Respooler

    Wire Insulation Respooler

      Specialized wire tester for testing harness wire utlized in aircraft, ship, automotive, and other OEM harness applications. Standard features include a programmable slowdown & stop-to-length PLC/HMI electronic counter, automatic levelwind with adjustable pitch, plug-in spool shafts and electromagnetic payoff tensioning system....

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