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  • B-12 Series

    B-12 Series

      For increased productivity, this machine allows the operator to load or unload finished Take-up reels while unit continues its re-spooling functions. The B-12 is perfect for distributors and flexible material processing centers. The B-12 series are custom designed and manufactured as needed....

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  • Large Gantry Takeups and Payoffs

    Large Gantry Takeups and Payoffs

      Traversing Frame Take-Ups and Payoffs are some of the most advanced on the market today, now with capacities up to 100,000 pounds. ...

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      Traversing column style take-ups and payoffs are some of the most advanced on the market today and offer capacities to 80,000 pounds. These units offer unique benefits as true walk thru capabilities, overhead reel loading or loading from the front or rear of the unit....

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  • Truck Mounted Take-Ups

    Truck Mounted Take-Ups

      Reel Trailers are designed to support and transport a reel of cable to and from the job site with ease and safety....

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  • Insulation Test Respoolers

    Insulation Test Respoolers

      Insulation Testing and Respooling systems are a completely self-contained unit that was designed/developed for high speed in line production testing on PVC, teflon and other types of insulated wire with automatic respooling capabilities fro perdetermeined length packages....

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  • Dual Head Spoolers & Coilers

    Dual Head Spoolers & Coilers

      The DHSC is a complete dual head spooler/coiler designed for continuous production. When one spool is running the operator can be unloading the full spool and loading an empty spool to make ready for the change over....

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