Reel-O-Matic wants to keep you from giving away cable or providing “short runs” to your customers. An Annual recalibration may be a valuable consideration for you. Reel-O-Matic provides a Recalibration Program for the 1700 and 1704 series measures with a loaner service. This service is subject to a standard evaluation fee and repair costs. Reel-O-Matic recommends recalibrations as follows:

1. Light to Moderate Cutting – Annually

2. Moderate to Heavy Cutting- Semi Annually

When your measurer needs service, Reel-O-Matic will ship, in advance, a loaner unit to be used until your measurer is recalibrated and returned. You will be memo billed for the loaned unit, but upon return of the loaner measurer, you will receive full credit and will only be responsible for the freight charges on the loaner unit. A flat evaluation fee of $150.00 is charged by Reel-O-Matic for the recalibration inspection of your unit. Parts and labor charges will be added to that fee and you will be invoiced when the recalibrated unit is returned to you.

Prior to shipping your measurer for recalibration, please call Reel-O-Matic at (405) 672-0000 and request an RMA for the loaner unit and for your measurer to be recalibrated. This paperwork must accompany each unit for proper receiving and tracking. If no paperwork is provided, the unit will be refused. A Sales Order Acknowledgement will be presented to you for signature and authorization to proceed with the evaluation and any additional parts which may be required on your existing measurer. Upon receipt of your loaner measurer, please send your measurer to be recalibrated and serviced to Reel-O-Matic, 6408 S. Eastern Ave., Oklahoma City, OK 73149.

Reel-O-Matic also provides Certified Calibration Test Cables in 50 ft or 100 ft lengths for in-field calibration testing. If measurement accuracy is out of tolerance it is recommended that you send in your measurer for recalibration.

6408 S. Eastern Avenue • Oklahoma City, OK. 73149 • 405.672.0000 • 405.672.7200 Fax •