Automated Spooling Machines

Automated Spooling Machines are very much used in spooling wire, spooling flexible materials and much more application.

Automated Spooling Machines 1

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Fine Wire In-Line Low Tension, High Speed Re-Spooling.

In-line Automated Spooling Machines for low tension, high speed re-spooling of welding, soldering and fine wires.

Automated Spooling Machines are very much used in automatic wire winding spool machine, spooling wire, spooling flexible materials, spooling cable, spooling rope, spooling wire rope, spooling pultrusion, spooling pipe, spooling tubing, spooling aluminium conduit, spooling plastic conduit, spooling conduit, spooling chain, spooling fiber optic cable, spooling fiber optic material, spooling fiber optic wire, spooling rubber, spooling foam, spooling hoses, spooling plastic hose and much more applications


  • Manual Shaftless ILRSP Powered Payoff hydraulically lifts wire from shop floor.
  • Accumulator Dancer Speed Control to synchronize the payoff with the take-up spooler.
  • Counter weight tension control.
  • ILHSS High Speed Spooling take up machine.
  • Automatic Traversing Spool Levelwind with electronic adjustable pitch.
  • IDEC PLC Programmable measuring system with HMI to accurately measure and automatically slowdown and stop the footage to length.
  • Plug-in shaft feature for fast and easy spool shaft change out.