Frequently Asked Questions

What's the weight of the 600 unit?

The shipping weight and dimension are as follows  165lbs and 43”L x 66”W x 12”H

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Can I order a machine with variable speed?

Yes, we do have machines that operate at variable speed.

For example, our NK Series: Take-Up Reeling & Coiling Machines come standard with a 7.5 to 20 HP Hydraulic Variable Speed Drive System. It also can rotate in opposite directions, and a variety of speeds and torque settings are available depending upon configuration.

Our company is the only one in the US that provides standard and customized machine design per customer requirements. If you are looking for reeling, coiling or spooling machinery, engineering expertise, or process improvements, then Reel Power Industrial Inc. is the company that is positioned to provide you with solutions!  To learn more, please contact us. 

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Which is the best high-speed spooling & reeling machines?

We provide an array of machines that perform spooling and reeling at incredible speeds. Some of them are:

•        Wire Insulation Respooler

•        Small-Wire Shaftless Respooling Machine

•        B-12 Series

Most of them are manufactured with these specifications:

•        Programmable stop-to-length PLC/HMI electronic counter

•        Automatic levelwind with adjustable pitch

•        Plug-in spool shafts

•        Electromagnetic payoff tensioning system

To check out our high-speed reeling & spooling products click on this link

If you require a machine that coils, our engineers will design and deliver coiling machines to suit your specifications.

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Is there a model that does both reeling and spooling functions?

Yes, we have enabled both reeling and spooling functions in several of our models, and we refer to them as “Special Coiling & Spooling Equipment”. These machines are capable of reeling, spooling, and coiling flexible materials.  A variety of products that we work with are flexible in nature, and include the following; wire, wire rope, tubing, seals, hoses, silicone products, rubber products, many extruded products, plastic pipe, sheet and film products etc.

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What do Reelpower Industrial machines offer?

Our machines are developed with state-of-the-art technology. We supply for industries which include aerospace, military, medical industry and other sophisticated industries that demand enhanced precision and performance. Our engineers design machines with efficiency and  durability in mind.  Our products reduce your ownership risk since you are buying the experience of over 100 combined years of knowledge, and our products and processes, and engineering expertise help improve your overall profitability.

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How do I to order online?

You will find many of our products available for ordering online under our “Online Store” tab. These products can be purchased directly with a credit card payment, or through PayPal. Products under “Online Store” can be added to your cart and then paid for through our easy checkout process.  

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How do I contact support?

Call our support at 888-873-4000. We are available Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm (CST).

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How do I get a quote for a product?

Products can be found under the “Products” menu. Click on the product and open the product details page. You can request a quote through the ‘Request for Info’ button which is available on the product page. Once clicked, a pop up box shows up where you will supply some very basic details and submit. Our sales team will process the information and we will be in contact with you as soon as possible. 

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How do you ship big machinery?

For products above 150lbs we provide shipping through UPS Freight service when buying through our online store

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Do you ship outside the USA?

Yes, we do ship all over the globe. Our machines serve many applications beyond the US border, and our coverage extends to most nations around the world. 

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