1. Reel Power Oil & Gas rebrands company to Reel Power Marine & Energy to better reflect its offering

    (Houston, TX, October 20, 2021) … US based equipment manufacturer Reel Power Oil & Gas, a subsidiary of Reel Power International, has officially changed its name to Reel Power Marine & Energy.  This name change is made to reflect the broad market segments Reel Power serves. “The company develops robust capital equipment solutions through innovative equipment and advanced engineering, for oil and gas operations, as well asfor the land completions and drilling rig segments. But a large and growing part of Reel Power’s business is providing products for offshore wind energy,

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  2. Reel Power, classified in the “Essential Critical Infrastructure Workforce”, is operating and ready to serve you

    "Be Clean"…We’re following all CDC guidelines plus disinfecting facilities every 24 hours.

    “Be Safe”…We’re limiting all visits to those passing a screening test, quarantining any employees who might have been exposed to COVID, and practicing social distancing.

    “Be Strong”…Reel Power is committed to serve you, working closely with our supply chain to be certain that we are ready to help.

    Be Clean, Be Safe, Be Strong… We’ll get through this crisis together

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  3. Reel Power relies on advanced PMSM technology from Bauer Gear Motor

    One of the constants of urbanisation, expanding energy infrastructure and increased communications is a high global demand for cables and wires. Consequently, suppliers strive to reduce lead times by streamlining processes. Spooling is one of these key processes, carried out by specialist machines designed to efficiently collect wires and cables in reels.

    To ensure its latest reel and coiling solution could deliver efficient performance within a compact footprint, Reel Power Industrial selected permanent magnet synchronous geared motors from expert, Bauer Gear Motor, a leading brand of Altra Industrial Motion Corp.

    A key segment of the market is copper wire. Utilised in electrical, communications and power infrastructure - demand from contractors across all sectors is high. This pressure is directly transmitted to copper wire suppliers, who desire solutions that spool wire onto smaller reels reliably and efficiently, ready for delivery. Additionally,

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    • Revolutionary design with Permanent Magnet AC motor delivers new levels of take-up efficiency
    • Offers a smaller footprint with fast and economical performance


    Oklahoma City, OK (October 26, 2020)…  As demand for copper wire and other cable products grows, distributors continue to look for ways to improve efficiencies, reduce costs and maximize space in their facilities. In response to industry trends, Reel Power Industrial, a leading manufacturer of reel and coiling solutions, recently added a new rim drive shaftless take-up to its popular RD line. The units are typically used by wire and cable distribution facilities where large spools of copper wire are transferred down to smaller reels for contractor use.

    The new Rim Drive Shaftless Take-up’s (RD10) reels are “rim driven” allowing for quick change out and loading of large wire and cable spools. The machine uses a geare

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  5. Medical Tubing: No Trade off of Speed for Quality with New Downstream Package

    Further downstream, Novatec is working with ReelPower, Oklahoma City, to supply the latest-generation of auto-cuttransfer coil winders, which now feature enhancements in auto taping, strapping, stretch-film wrapping, auto loading and unloading to further enhance high-speed tube processing. “These high-speed coil winders get a follower signal from the last puller in the line and use a noncontact ultrasonic or highspeed camera system to slightly trim (typically 10%) to allow a relaxation loop prior to the tubing being wound up on the coil,” Bessemer explains. “This loop is critical to allow the cut-andtransfer process and should not allow the tube to hit the floor during the cycle. Through software the internal diameter of the coil, width of the coil, and diameter of the tube are entered into the program, which automatically trims the head speed as the circumference of the coil grows with each additional wrap.”

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  6. A brief reflection about powerful NK Series reeling machine from Reel Power Industrial

    Reeling machine/take ups Reel Power Industrial NK Series is able to integrate tremendous power with impeccable performance.

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    Reel Power Industrial announced here today a new automatic rewind coiler that automatically coils, packages and distributes plastic pipe.   Called the “ARC Machine”, the new world class single head coiling machine will coil and apply stretch film packaging and transferring at 650 feet per minute.  Don Moreau, Senior VP, Sales & Marketing, made the announcement.

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  8. Reel Power Industrial Leads the Way in Standard and Customized Re-Reeving Equipment - User-friendly, Convenient and Durable

    (Reel Power Int’l, Oklahoma City, OK September 5, 2017) … Reel Power Industrial Inc. sets the industry standard in Re-Reeving equipment ideal for Re-Reeving cranes, winches, hoists, and boom hoist applications that require heavy pay-off tension and take-up rewind capabilities with large, heavy ropes.  

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    We are pleased to announce that Jason Gage has accepted the role of Senior Sales Account Manager at Reel Power Industrial, effective June 19, 2017. Jason will report directly to me, and he will manage sales accounts that he is assigned, focusing on new business development particularly in the plastics, rubber, rubber hose, and other flexible materials industries as needed...

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  10. Reel Power Industrial Introduces the New GTU-30A Heavy Duty 24/7 Manufacturing Take Up

    (Reel Power Int’l, Oklahoma City, OK June 07, 2017) … Reel Power Industrial Inc. is a leading manufacturer of distribution and manufacturing equipment for the Wire & Cable industry.  The new GTU-30A model provides the manufacturer with zero fleeting angle both horizontally and vertically during operation

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