We are announcing some exciting news. Pipe Coil Technology (of Newcastle, UK), a manufacturer of coiling, packaging and handling equipment products, has been acquired by Reel Power Industrial. All PCT intellectual Property has been transferred in this sale.

Reel Power Industrial is an innovation leader in the industry – providing expertise in coiling machines for various types of pipe, tube, hose, conduit and cable as well as equipment for sub-sea cable manufacturers. Our complete line of products is all sourced and made in the US. Our solutions include pipe-in-pipe coiling as well as high speed off-line coiling.

Reel Power Industrial Inc. is the only standard and custom reeling, spooling and custom manufacturer in North America serving more than 20 diverse industries that need Equipment, Process and Engineering Solutions for winding, spooling and coiling of flexible products. We do this by reducing the risk of doing business, improving customer profitability and offering the best products in the industry.

Our expertise and capabilities offer you the best possible solution for your coiling equipment needs. Our resources include a team of knowledgeable engineers that can custom design your equipment and controls to suit your application. Our field service team is able to provide any consulting, maintenance or repair of your equipment.

How can we help you increase your profitability and grow your business? For more information, please contact us for more information at [email protected]