Mission Statement


  • Be the World Leader in providing Equipment, Process, & Engineering Solutions for winding, spooling, and coiling, for flexible products, by reducing the risk of doing business, and improving customer profitability, and offering the best products and processes in the industry!


  • Delivering innovative, lowest total life-cost, flexible material handling solutions that increase Customers profitability, and lower their risks.


  • Safety means our products and actions must include Customer and user safety as well as our own employees.
  • Respect means we treat each other, our Customers and our suppliers with respect at all times. We don’t have to always agree, but we have to always be respectful.
  • Quality means meeting all of the requirements for our products to meet Customer specifications and perform the intended use safely and reliably.
  • Customer Needs means meeting quality, performance, delivery commitments and support required by our Customers.
  • Company Goals and Commitments means meeting financial targets, production schedules, safety goals and improvement initiatives