Dual High-Speed Respooling Machine

Full Guarding & Safety Interlocking Doors

  • Lexan Viewing of Operations
  • 2” Capacity Programmable HMI/PLC Measurer
  • Tension Controlled Payoff
  • Dual Take Up With Automatic Traverse
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  • Dual 2 HP AC Vector Take up drive systems, 0-550 RPM, 480VAC- 3 Phase.
  • Automatic AC Vector Ball screw drive level-wind System with dual v-groove guide pulleys and adjustable pitch and guides to .950” diameter material maximum.
  • Payout, Electromagnetic Tension Brake with potentiometer control to add tension and control over-spin.
  • HMI Electronic, dual level, bi-directional, digital predetermining counter, with slow-down, stop to length presets, calibration pre-scale and large digital readout.
  • Heavy duty steel frame construction with bolt-down tabs.
  • Plug-in Shafts for pay-out sizes 3/4”, 1”, 1 1/4” and 1 1/2” with quick lock collars.
  • Dual Plug-in take-up shafts, one (1) 3/4” and one (1) 1.50” diameter with quick lock collars.
  • Out of material limit switch, will shut machine down once no more material is detected.
  • Machine Guarding Package, dual take up spool guards, allow running one spool with guard closed in place and one guard open for loading and unloading, center measurer guard.