Dual Wheel Capstan

• Standard models include dual, multi-grooved capstan wheels and are overed in 24”, 30” and 36”
diameter wheel sizes as standard.
• Each system is engineered to provide an even pulling force with minimal line speed variances
through upstream processes.
• Available in left-to-right or right-to-left pulling arrangements.
• Standard voltage overings of 240/480 VAC, three phase.

Dual Wheel Capstan

Reel Power’s Dual Wheel Capstans are the preferred choice of pulling units that are processing “crush sensitive” cables. The dual wheel design does not require the higher belt squeeze pressure as traditionally found on Caterpuller track style capstan units.

Standard Features: • Inlet/Outlet Material Guide Rollers • Eight (8) Total Grooves Standard • E-Stop & Jog Button Station • AC Vector DrivesOptional Available Features: • Fully Enclosed Guards • Safety Interlocked Doors • Perimeter Safety Fencing • Integrated Safety Scanner • Smaller/Larger Sizes Available