Mobile Pay-Out Machinery

Recommended for use with paying out material from supply reels. The HJP can improve the efficiency of your reel and cable handling operation. By utilizing a hydraulic jack (standard) or ElectroLift, reels can be raised and lowered with ease, using minimal manpower.
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Optional Benefits • Powered Pay-out Feature • Bolt-on Auxillary Fork Tips • Mechanical Disc Tension Brake • Electromagnetic Tension Brake • LectroLift (Electric/Hydraulic Reel Lifting) •Special Shaft Bushings • Measuring Meter • Manual Shaftless Feature
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Standard Reel Capacities: HJP 20” to 48” dia., 36” wide X 2,500 lbs. HJ3P 20” to 54” dia., 38” wide X 3,000 lbs. HJ4P 30” to 60” dia., 38” wide X 4,000 lbs. HJ5P 38” to 72” dia., 48” wide X 5,000 lbs. HJ8P 38” to 84” dia., 60” wide X 8,000 lbs.* HJ10P 40” to 96” dia., 60” wide X 10,000 lbs.* *Units not equipped with ElectroLift include a manual hydraulic lift jack HJP15 36” to 108” dia., 72” wide X 15,000 lbs. HJP20 66” to 120” dia., 72” wide X 20,000 lbs. HJ15 & HJ20 include ElectroLift as standard equipment.