Reel Trailers

  1. Trailer Mounted Re-Reeving Machinery from 5000lb to 100,000lb capacities. Designed and manufactured for your wire rope applications.  
  2. Power sources, such as gasoline or diesel engines, when incorporated in our custom trailer allow you to deliver the trailer to your location. The trailer may then be used as an
  3. Reel Trailers are designed to support and transport a reel of cable to and from the job site with ease and safety.
  4. Reel Trailers comes with standard gasoline engine which has load capacity of 14000lbs with 12 volt electric start.
  5. Self-contained diesel, gasoline,and propane powered hydraulic drive systems designed to handle your applicationManual holding brake, Centralized control station, Powered
  6. RT Series Dual Reel Transporter/ Payoff FEATURES:Capable Of Transporting Multiple Reels Up To 10,000 Lb. Capacity