Reelpower Industrial Re-Reeving machinery provides tension controlled pay-out and re-spooling for boom hoist and main lift line applications. The Re-Reeving series is available with customized torque capabilities and reel dimensions per customer required specs. Various self contained systems are available.

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  • Standard “Re-Reeving Machine” Features:
  • Fork Lift Base & Lift Eyes
  • Diesel/Gasoline Engine Powered Hydraulic System
  • Hand Operated Pressure Relief Valve to Adjust Torque
  • Manual Hand Valve for Speed & Direction Control
  • Slide Coupling Disconnect for Easy Loading and “Free Wheel” Capacity
  • Lifting Bars
  • Customized Torque and Reel Dimensions
  • Shaftless Models Available for Weight Capacities Exceeding 100,000 LBs.
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Standard Reel Capacities: RR5 - up to 60” Diameter x up to 48” wide x up to 5,000 lbs. RR10 - up to 96” Diameter x up to 60” wide x up to 10,000 lbs.
Reelpower WC presents the standard Re-Reeving machine, RR5 that is user-friendly, convenient and durable in nature. Its hand-operated pressure relief valve facilitates customized adjustment of the torque and its slide coupling disconnection promotes easy and smooth loading as well as free wheel capacity.A right choice for providing tension-free and controlled pay-out and re-spooling for boom hoist and main lift line applications!