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Recalibration Service

for Extending Product Life and Accuracy

Reel Power provides a recalibration service for some of the measurers. This service is subject to a standard evaluation fee and repair costs. Reel Power wants to keep you from giving away cable or providing “short runs” to your customers.

Reel Power recommends recalibration as follows: A flat evaluation fee of $195.00 is charged by Reel Power for the recalibration inspection of your unit. Parts, labor and freight charges will be added to that fee and you will be invoiced when the recalibrated unit is returned to you.


Reel Power offers a Loaner Program, based on availability, to use during recalibration. You are responsible for the Inbound and Outbound freight costs for shipment of the loaner.


Reel Power offers Certified Calibration Test Cables in various lengths for in-field calibration testing. If measurement accuracy is out of tolerance, contact customer service.

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