Semi-Automatic Pipe Coiling System

The Benefits of Reel Power Semi-Automatic Pipe Coiling System:

Reduce Costs
Only one operator is required to oversee the operation of two or more machines. Where coiler utilization is low semi-automatic equipment produces coils comparable to the fully automated process for less capital investment.

Production Flexibility
A wide range of coil head adjustment and interchangeable pipe support plates allow operation across a range of diameters.

Leaders with (PCT) Pipe Coil Technology Innovations

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Electrical/Mechanical Specifications
  • Pipe size range: 1/2” CTS to 2” IPS nominal OD (or 15-60mm)
  • Coil ID range: 24” to 70” (manual adjustment)
  • Coil OD (max): ID + 24”
  • Coil width range: 4” to 20” (manual adjustment)
  • Coil weight capacity: 400 lbs.
  • Speed range max: 80 FPM continuous (with overspeed)
  • Strapping method: manual
  • Pipe attachment: manual clamp
  • Pipe layering: automatic
  • Tail end retainer: hydraulic powered wrap arm
  • Coil support plates: optional 3 sets (required for full range)
  • NOTE: 1 set (6) coil support plates included for 24” coil ID.
  • Index function: between strap points

Model SPC-060-R2L-001 (Left To Right)
  • Allen-Bradley controls and Red Lion HMI.
  • 1 set (6) coil support plates for 24” ID coil.
  • Supplied with swivel jacking casters.

Leaders with (PCT) Pipe Coil Technology Innovations


  • Extra Toggles Spare Parts
  • Pendant
  • 12” Touch Screen