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  • Semiautomatic Coilers

    Semiautomatic Coilers

      Semiautomatic coilers are a low cost alternative to fully automatic equipment. These coilers wind the product as it emerges from the extrusion line automatically following extrusion speed using dancer arm or torque control, and they automatically layer the pipe into the desired coil shape....

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  • High Speed Spoolers & Coilers

    High Speed Spoolers & Coilers

      These units are offered in a variety of capacities for spooling or coiling wire, cable and other flexible materials....

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  • Mobile Measurers & Coilers

    Mobile Measurers & Coilers

      The mobile measuring and coiling systems are ideally suited for coiling (or spooling) material from source reels mounted on a reel rack, roller platform or payout cart....

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  • Dual Head Spoolers & Coilers

    Dual Head Spoolers & Coilers

      The DHSC is a complete dual head spooler/coiler designed for continuous production. When one spool is running the operator can be unloading the full spool and loading an empty spool to make ready for the change over....

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  • Pipe,Hose,Tube Coilers and Handling Equipment

    Pipe,Hose,Tube Coilers and Handling Equipment

      A wide range of coiling equipment is available for winding material onto reels/ spools or onto coils (stretch wrapped or banded). Both on and off-line coilers are available for material ranging in size from .25” (6.35 mm) to 10” (254 mm). ReelPower Industrial offers both standard and custom machinery for coiling applications. Material handling solutions for up...

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  • Heavy Duty Economy Coiler (HDEC)*

    Heavy Duty Economy Coiler (HDEC)*

      Coiler Options:3/8 C - Coiler 3.5” Wide X 8” I.D. X 14” O.D.3/12 C - Coiler 3.5” Wide X 12” I.D. X 21” O.D.3/16 C - Coiler 3.5” Wide X 16” I.D. X 27.5” O.D....

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