With over 40-years of manufacturing experience and headquartered in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Reel Power Industrial Inc., builds on strengths in design and application engineering, and the wealth of experience, knowledge and data built up over four decades of designing reeling, coiling, spooling and winding machinery/equipment for flexible materials. These strengths extend to the Company’s technical engineering and sales force’s ability to intimately understand customer application needs and form best solutions. The Company is focused on being the world’s leading winding and flexible material handling expert with customer focused innovation and new product development. At Reel Power, we’re driven to listen to the voice of the customer and develop unique customer focused solutions at competitive costs with concentration on reliability, maintainability and quality utilizing technical innovation and brand trust. We are committed to engineering excellence, and engineered solutions.

Job Title: Electrical Engineer, Design - SolidWorks

Department: Engineering | Job Description Code: ENGEE

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