Medical Tubing: No Trade off of Speed for Quality with New Downstream Package

Further downstream, Novatec is working with ReelPower, Oklahoma City, to supply the latest-generation of auto-cuttransfer coil winders, which now feature enhancements in auto taping, strapping, stretch-film wrapping, auto loading and unloading to further enhance high-speed tube processing. “These high-speed coil winders get a follower signal from the last puller in the line and use a noncontact ultrasonic or highspeed camera system to slightly trim (typically 10%) to allow a relaxation loop prior to the tubing being wound up on the coil,” Bessemer explains. “This loop is critical to allow the cut-andtransfer process and should not allow the tube to hit the floor during the cycle. Through software the internal diameter of the coil, width of the coil, and diameter of the tube are entered into the program, which automatically trims the head speed as the circumference of the coil grows with each additional wrap.”

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