Heavy Duty Coiling Machines

  1. 1, 2, 3, and 5 HP AC Vector Variable Speed Drive System to maintain line tension and automatically synchronize speed of coiler with speed of process line.
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  2. The Heavy Duty Coiler is to be used with Coil Steel, Rubber Belting, Sheet Tubing, Heavy Cable and other flexible material applications.  
  3. Special heavy duty coiler comes with wide range coiler width varying from 4-30.It is hand operated with crank ID varyiung from 26-31. It is used for synchronizing in line
  4. HD-HSS Hydraulic Automatic Expand/Collapsible (Model- HD-IL-HSS753) 3 HP 0-10 RPM 480 3 phase drive, hydraulic assist coiler with speed and tension control Coiler: