Light Duty Coiling Machines

Reel Power Industrial manufactures standard and custom coil winding machines that address various light and heavy-duty coiling machines requirements. These models are engineered to coil wires, cables, hoses, pipes, threads, metallic strips and many other flexible products with different applications in a diverse marketplace including the wire and cable industry, automotive, aviation, optical cable, medical, housing and many more.

All precision coiling machines displayed incorporate various technological innovations and enhancements that provide our customers with precision, improved efficiency, durability, and lowest cost of operation.

Many come with a wide variety of features which include touch-screen operator interface, variable speed drives, some are mounted on steel workbench, safety foot switch, and other selected options to make operation easier. ReelPower Industrial provides you with application specific designs which meet your demands. That’s why we specialize in custom coil winding solutions. Our team of skillful engineers will work closely with you to understand your specific needs and design a machine that perfectly incorporates your workflow. Thus, reducing your overall business risk, and the Real Power Industrial equipment improves your overall operating profitability.

Let Reelpower Industrial be your trusted partner for all your machine winding needs. Whether you require a standard machine or a custom-designed solution, we have the expertise and resources to deliver exceptional results.We solve customer needs by customizing precision coiling machine solutions utilizing unique customer specifications. All finished products are thoroughly tested to assure the user both safety and the best performance possible. Please contact us and share your coiling needs with ReelPower Industrial at: [email protected]

  1. The “Mini-Penthouse” is ideally suited for pulling material from reel racks, reel roller platforms or a pay-out cart. Also, ideal for use with an extrusion line when equipped
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  2. Includes Mini-Penthouse Standard Features and Options with the Additional Following Features: Integral Cutter for up to 2” Diameter Material Weighted Base for
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  3. Includes Mini-Penthouse Standard Features and Options with the Additional Following Features: 36” Diameter CT Coil Turntable with Adjustable ID Pins for Coil Payo and Center
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  4. Standard Specifications1 HP SCR Variable Speed Drive, 0-70 RPM Pay-out capacity 20” to 48” dia. x 36” wide x 2,500 lbs. ROM 1700 Measurer - 1/8” to 2” dia.
  5. Manual Mini-Penthouse - Manually operated Measuring and Coiling System for flexible materials. Inculdes Stand, 1700 Measurer and coiler.   See the detail
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  6. Small measuring and Coiling System for flexible materials to include, wire, hose, rope, others.
  7. Includes the Following Penthouse Standard Features and Optional Features Available:Standard: 36” Diameter Coil Turntable with Adjustable ID Pins for Coil
  8. Coiler Options:3/8 C - Coiler 3.5” Wide X 8” I.D. X 14” O.D.3/12 C - Coiler 3.5” Wide X 12” I.D. X 21” O.D.3/16 C - Coiler 3.5” Wide X
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  9. Coiler Options: 3/8 C - Coiler 3.5” Wide X 8” I.D. X 14” O.D. 3/12 C - Coiler 3.5” Wide X 12” I.D. X 21” O.D. 3/16 C - Coiler 3.5”
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  10. Manual Mobile Coiler with 3100M Measurer p/n 13650-317• 31” Turntable with 4 adjustable pins to hold coil in place. Center pin is for holding reels.• Turntable weight
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