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  • Re-Reever RR-5

    Re-Reever RR-5

      Reelpower Industrial Re-Reeving machinery provides tension controlled pay-out and re-spooling for boom hoist and main lift line applications. The Re-Reeving series is available with customized torque capabilities and reel dimensions per customer required specs. Various self contained systems are available....

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  • PRR Series: Powered Reel Roller

    PRR Series: Powered Reel Roller

      Reelpower Industrial PRR Series was created for use in extrusion, assembly and inspection processes or where minimum floor space usage is required. The PRR may be easily loaded by utilizing the loading ramp, overhead crane, or with a forklift and is available with options to fit your application....

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  • Insulation Test Respoolers

    Insulation Test Respoolers

      Insulation Testing and Respooling systems are a completely self-contained unit that was designed/developed for high speed in line production testing on PVC, teflon and other types of insulated wire with automatic respooling capabilities fro perdetermeined length packages....

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  • Mobile Lift Carts

    Mobile Lift Carts

      The Mobile Lift Carts are designed to handle of spools and reels, and transporting within a manufacturing facility easily....

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      Model HDHSTU & HDHSPO Series of take-ups and pay-offs were developed for higher take-up and pay-off speed applications. A robust and compact design allows for minimum floor space requirements with easy loading and unloading of reels with roll-thru capabilities and shaftless positioning reel loading operation....

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  • Mobile Reel Transporter

    Mobile Reel Transporter

      The Mobile Reel Transporter allows empty or loaded reels/drums to be picked up and maneuvered with ease to predetermined locations. The electric tug is designed to transfer a percentage of the load weight to the tug drive wheels via the coupling system....

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