Automatic Cut & Transfer / High Tech Spooling & Coiling Machines

  1. Equipment Benefits • Automatic Cut & Transfer • Precision Military Winding • Improved Production 1000 FPM • Automatic Stretch Wrap • Best Tension Control •
  2. The ACT System is highly flexible and reliable applicable to multiple products and applications. Now operating on and offline wire and cable, medical tubing andplastic
  3. • Cutter/Coiler/Binder • Cuts Wire to Desired Length • Binds Coil in Two Places • Custom Tail Lengths for Termination
  4. Designed to solve “light tension” profile winding challenges Extensive diagnostics make troubleshooting and failure predictions simpler Precision winding patterns,
  5. Precision winding machine utilizing a common traverse to wind either spindles or coils with very high accuracy.
  6. Automatic Coiler • Allen Bradley PLC • Red Lion HMI • Automatic Feed • Automatic Cutter • Automatic Coiler • Automatic Bander • Automatic Eject
  7. SINGLE SHAFTED TAKE UP - LOW TENSION APPLICATIONS STANDARD FEATURES INCLUDE:Heavy gauge sheet metal cabinet 3 axis servo drive Spindle maximum weight (50lb) Precision