Re-reeving/Tensioner/ Winch

  1. Reelpower Industrial Re-Reeving machinery provides tension controlled pay-out and re-spooling for boom hoist and main lift line applications. The Re-Reeving series is available
  2. Reelpower Industrial SP RR35 Powered Re-Reeving Machine is deal for reels upto 125” Diameter x 102” Wide x 35,000 lbs.
  3. Shown Below is our Model SP-CRS108 Powered Cable Reel Stand for reels 108"Dia x 80" wide x 25,000lbs load capacity. This machine was designed for retracting cords in a Marine
  4. Re-Reevers is designed for powered take-up,tension controlled payoff,lever operated manual hydraulic,raise & lower, forward & reverse speed and tension controls.
  5. Reelpower Industrial RR50 is Ideal for Re-Reeving Cranes, winches and boom-hoist applications that require heavy pay-off tension and take-up rewind capabilities with large, heavy
  6. UAF and RR machinery custom manufactured to cover your application and specifications • Platform Forklift Base • Model TUAF-30-27 • Speed & torque control/AC vector reel
  7. Powered Re-Reeving Machine: for reels up to 96” O.D. x 60” wide x 10,000 lbs. load capacity. FEATURES:96” Dia X 60” Wide X 10,000 lb. 3” SS Shaft 0-8 Rpm 100,000
  8. Ideal For Re-Reeving Cranes, Winches, Boom-Hoist, Steel Reel Applications That Require Heavy Duty Payoff Tension And Take-Up Rewind Capabilities With Large, Heavy