High Speed Coiling and Spooling

  1. For increased productivity, this machine allows the operator to load or unload finished Take-up reels while unit continues its re-spooling functions. The Dual Shafted High Speed
  2. Standard FeaturesCapacity 24” diameter x 12” wide x 150 LBs Dynamic Braking Feature V-Belt Drive Remote Safety Foot Switch Speed Control Potentiometer Illuminated
  3. Standard Specifications1 HP SCR Variable Speed Drive, 0-70 RPM Pay-out capacity 20” to 48” dia. x 36” wide x 2,500 lbs. ROM 1700 Measurer - 1/8” to 2” dia.
  4. When high speed, versatility, ease of use and simplicity are important, the FWR-101 is the answer.
  5. Wire Insulation Tester WIT 101 High Speed Re-Spooler: The Wire Insulation Tester (WIT ) is powered by a 1 HP variable speed drive system providing speeds up to 1,000 ft per
  6. Custom-Designed, Automated Manufacturing Equipment for Processing Flexible Materials Standard FeaturesTakeup - 3 HP A/C Vector Variable Speed Drive Automatic 15mm Amacoil
  7. Automated Spooling Machines are very much used in spooling wire, spooling flexible materials and much more application.
  8. 18” diameter x 2’-12” wide with 1/2” to 2” arbor holes. 150 lbs. maximum weight capacity
  9. • With 3/4” diameter machine cold roll steel, plug in style-payoff & takeup shafts • Digital stop-to-length 3100 counter with 1/64”-7/8” OD capabilities, dual
  10. Specialized wire tester for testing harness wire utilized in aircraft, ship, automotive, and other OEM harness applications.
  11. Custom Pneumatic Powered Expand High-Speed Coiling Machine with custom Coiler 8” x 18.5” x 3.75” wide
  12. Full Guarding & Safety Interlocking DoorsLexan Viewing of Operations 2” Capacity Programmable HMI/PLC Measurer Tension Controlled Payoff Dual Take Up With Automatic