Broken Reel Turntable - The BRT Series

ReelPower BRT series in several different standard sizes

This Series are considered Payoff machines

  • BRT2 – 2,000 LB weight
  • BRT5 – 5,000 LB weight
  • BRT10 – 10,000 LB weight
  • BRT 15 – 15,000 LB weight

It comes standard with forklift tubes for easy mobility and it has bolt to the floor flanges to safely secure it. It includes a removable 1 3/8” center stub shaft.

This unit is a manual payoff which can also be powered. When powering it, we typically pair it up with a simple dancer mechanism to control the speed only. This payoff is usually used when there are bad or broken wooden reels with product on them, the user can place the wooden reel on the BRT and pay off the material, even if the wooden reel is broken.

All our BRTs come complete with a Heavy-Duty Structural Steel top, a safety skirt, a forklift base, and a centering stub shaft.

Other Options

  • Adjustable Tension Brake,
  • Adjustable Coil ID Pins – for paying off coiled material without a reel,
  • Various tub shaft adaptors,
  • A top hat for coiled material payout, and
  • Any custom specification requested.

The Series is economical and durable!

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