Reel Power Industrial’s toolbox for Linemen

A typical lineman should have several hand tools including hammers, screwdrivers, wrenches, pliers, sockets, ratchets, crimping tools, wire stripping tools, skinning knives, bolt cutters, and moreLineman tools are used by line workers to install, maintain, and repair electrical power lines. These tools are essential for the safe and efficient performance of these tasks, as they allow line workers to work at heights and close to live electrical wires.

Just as essential as education or training, lineman tools are just as important for utility workers. The tools a lineman will use throughout their careers are very diverse. Lineman tools are essential for several reasons.

  • First, they allow line workers to work safely on live wires.
  • Second, they allow line workers to work efficiently, which can help to reduce the risk of accidents.
  • Third, lineman tools can help to extend the lifespan of electrical power lines.

The safety of line workers is of paramount importance, and using proper tools is essential to ensuring their safety. By using the right tools and following safe work practices, line workers can help prevent accidents and keep themselves safe.

Reel power Industrial: Building the Tools that Keep the Power on:

Reel Power Industrial is a trusted provider of various equipment designed to meet the needs of linemen in their line of work. They offer a range of high-quality tools and machinery that aid in the efficient and safe execution of tasks.

Here are some products that can be used by Linemen :

Reel Thing RT-20

The Reel Thing RT-20, also known as RT, is a versatile solution designed for lifting and flipping reels from a rolling to a non-rolling position. This ergonomic machine ensures safe and efficient reel handling, allowing for higher load ratings while transporting reels and paying out products in the field. With a variety of available sizes, you can select the RT model that suits your specific needs.


  • Allows safe lifting and flipping of reels to a non-rolling position.
  • Laboratory tested with ASME code for ensured safety during operation.
  • It offers higher load ratings and versatility for transporting reels and paying out products.
  • Available in different sizes to cater to various requirements.
  • Ergonomic design ensures user comfort and safety during use.

Allows linemen to safely lift and flip heavy cable reels, reducing the risk of injuries during handling.

Forklift Reel Loader

The Forklift Reel Loader is a specialized tool designed to transport reels up to 96 inches in diameter and weigh up to 10,000 lbs. It easily attaches to forklift forks with a "T" handle bolt and comes with adjustable arms and quick-release pins to accommodate different reel sizes. The inclusion of an axle for moving reels prevents damage to the product and reel flanges.


  • Allows for easy transportation of large reels with a forklift.
  • Quick and secure attachment to forklift forks.
  • Adjustable arms accommodate reels of various sizes.
  • Prevents damage to reels and products during movement.
  • Available in three models with different weight capacities to suit different requirements.

Enables linemen to efficiently transport large cable reels, saving time and effort during installations and repairs.
Adjustable arms and quick-release pins accommodate different reel sizes, offering flexibility for various tasks

Heavy Duty TRD

The Heavy Duty TRD is a versatile tool used for lifting, flipping, and paying out reels in the field. It allows you to flip reels from a rolling position onto their side and lift them off the ground for payout, improving overall production efficiency and safety during reel handling.


  • Acts as a reel lifter, flipper, and pay-out tool, streamlining field operations.
  • Enhances production efficiency while ensuring safe handling of reels.
  • Sturdy construction with an all-welded design and no springs or cables.
  • Ideal for moving reels in the yard or field with reduced business risk.
  • Facilitates safe and efficient movement of reels in various scenarios.

Simplifies lifting, flipping, and paying out reels in the field, improving overall production efficiency for linemen.
Reduces physical strain on linemen and enhances safety during reel handling operations.

Truck-Mounted Re-Reeler

The Truck-Mounted Re-Reeler is a mobile cable handling solution designed for mounting on trucks. It features a hydraulic lifting mechanism, allowing for easy reeling and unreeling of cables. The sturdy design ensures stability during transportation and adjustable reel stands offer flexibility for different reel sizes.


  • Enables easy reeling and unreeling of cables on trucks, enhancing mobility and adaptability.
  • The hydraulic lifting mechanism simplifies cable handling operations.
  • Sturdy construction ensures stability during transportation.
  • Adjustable reel stands accommodate reels of different sizes.
  • Ideal for linemen requiring efficient cable handling capabilities.

Provides mobility and adaptability, allowing linemen to reel and unreel cables directly from the truck.
The hydraulic lifting mechanism simplifies cable handling, minimizing manual effort during work.

Reel Trailer

The Reel Trailer is equipped with a standard gasoline engine and offers a load capacity of 14,000 lbs. It comes with a powered hydraulic reel lift and a centralized control station. The trailer features electric brakes, a safety break-away system, ICC lights, and customizable design options.


  • A powered hydraulic reel lift simplifies the loading and unloading of reels.
  • Centralized control station for convenient operation.
  • Safety features, such as electric brakes and a break-away system, enhance operational safety.
  • Customizable design options to meet specific requirements.
  • Suitable for transporting reels of up to 108 inches in diameter and 56 inches wide.

Simplifies the transportation of heavy cable reels to job sites, saving time and effort for linemen. Customizable design options enable linemen to tailor the trailer to their specific needs.

CTC100M Linear Measurement Testing Cables

Reelpower Industrial's CTC100M is a set of calibrated and certified linear measurement testing cables that ensure accuracy and provide peace of mind. These cables allow quick and easy verification of the measuring equipment's accuracy, ensuring precise measurements for customers.


  • Calibrated and certified for accuracy, ensuring reliable measurements.
  • Quick and easy verification of measuring equipment for peace of mind.
  • Helps maintain customer satisfaction with accurate measurements.

HDMJB HD Mobile Jobsite Box

The HDMJB is a heavy-duty, all-steel construction job site box equipped with push handles and angle iron & steel mesh construction.


  • It provides secure storage and transportation for tools and equipment on job sites.
  • Offers heavy-duty, secure storage and transportation for linemen's tools and equipment on job sites.
  • Sturdy construction with push handles and angle iron & steel mesh ensures durability and reliability.

CCPN-16397-04 Cable Cutter

  • The CCPN-16397-04 Cable Cutter is a ratcheting drive cable cutter with steel handles. It offers a jaw capacity for copper/aluminum up to 750 MCM, with size over insulation up to 1.4". The tool is 16 inches long and made in the USA.
  • Ratcheting drive cable cutter with steel handles, making it a practical cutting tool for linemen.
  • Capable of cutting copper/aluminum up to 750 MCM, with size over insulation up to 1.4".

CCPN-16397-06 Cable Cutter

CCPN-16397-06 Cable Cutter:

Similar to the CCPN-16397-04 Cable Cutter, the CCPN-16397-06 offers the same features but comes with a different part number.
Similar features to CCPN-16397-04 but with a different part number, providing versatility in product options.

Cable Reel Stands

Reel Power WC offers heavy-duty cable reel stands with a forklift base for easy movement. These stands come in a complete line of standard, custom, and powered options to meet various reeling needs.


  • Heavy-duty construction ensures durability and stability during cable reeling.
  • The forklift base allows easy movement and positioning of cable reels.
  • A range of stand options cater to different reeling requirements

Heavy-duty stands with a forklift base enable easy movement of cable reels, saving time and effort for linemen.
Provides a stable platform for cable reels during installations, ensuring smooth cable unreeling.

Linemen and Reel Power: A Dynamic Duo in Power Distribution"

Linemen, the modern conquerors in the heavy industry of power distribution, rely on an arsenal of essential tools to tackle their demanding tasks. From simple yet indispensable hammers and pliers to more intricate skinning knives and batteries with chargers, these tools are the linemen's trusted companions in their mission to ensure a steady supply of power. With unwavering skill and precision, linemen adeptly use these basic tools to navigate heights, make secure connections, and troubleshoot electrical issues. As they bravely face the challenges of their job, their dedication to safety and efficiency remains unwavering.

However, linemen's tasks also demand more complex tools to handle heavier loads and streamline operations. This is where Reel Power steps in, catering to the evolving needs of linemen by providing specialized equipment. From innovative reel lifters and transport solutions to calibrated measurement cables, Reel Power equips linemen with the imperative tools needed to excel in their vital mission.

Empowered by Reel Power's advanced tools, linemen can efficiently handle heavy cable reels, transport equipment, and perform precise measurements. These sophisticated tools not only enhance productivity but also ensure utmost safety during their critical work. In partnership with Reel Power, linemen remain well-equipped, ready to face any challenge and maintain the uninterrupted flow of power to homes and businesses.