Take-up/Spooling & Coiling

Wire, cable, and flexible material coiling or automatic reeling machines designed and manufactured at Reelpower Industrial are industry standard machines which improve your overall cycle time and profitability. Should you need a custom solution, Reelpower Industrial is the only custom designer and manufacturer of custom distribution equipment in North America. Our machines are designed to provide quick loading and unloading capability. While being safe to use, improving overall cycle time, reducing maintenance costs are among the noteworthy advantages Reelpower Industrial equipment provides. Reelpower Industrial has six engineers, that are experts in spooling, coiling and reeling solutions, to assist you, and provide custom solutions to fit your needs.It offers the best reeling , spooling and coiling services like spooling wire, reeling wire rope, reeling wire, reeling cable, reeling flexible material and coiling wire, coiling cable, coiling wire rope, coiling flexible material and much more.

  1. Fast, Efficient and Economical - PMAC “SAVES ENERGY” OUR NEW RD-10 PMSM - PERMANENT MAGNET SYNCHRONOS AC MOTOR DELIVERS• Smoother acceleration and deceleration - “no
  2. Reel drive take-up speed: 0-70 RPM variable (standard) Hand held pendant controls Independent arm movement standard
  3. The WKT Series Spooling and Coiling equipment is perfect for light to moderate duty applications.Take-ups are standard with a 1 3/8” O.D. shaft with bushings for 2”, 2
  4. HJ/K series mobile reeling and coiling machine is a practical and economical solution for large diameter spooling and coiling applications. The HJ/K can improve the efficiency of
  5. Heavy duty floor mounted shaftless take-ups provide you with improved productivity, reducing processing time. Standard Speed Ranges 0-35 RPM or 0-70 RPM. Optional Dual Speed Range
  6. Shaftless High Speed Take-Up Re-Spooler/Rewind System Integrated FMP-8 Series Pintle Stule Shaftless Pay-Out and FMT-4 Take-Up Re-spooling/Rewind system.
  7. TAKE -UPRST3N 30” to 60” dia., 34” wide X 3,000 lbs. RST4N 30” to 60” dia., 36” wide X 4,000 lbs. RST5 36” to 72” dia., 45” wide X 5,000 lbs.
  8. Standard FeaturesHD Frame with Bolt Down Tabs Variable Speed SCR Drive System 10” Dia. UHMW Guide Sheaves Manual Hydraulic Lift Jack
  9. Reelpowerwc MRTU Cantilevered Shaft Reeling and Coiling Take Up M/C is well known for its high utility and it comes with hassle free operations, durability and sturdy
  10. Shafted and Shaftless Machines for Torque Synchronization. Manufactured to your specifications and Needs. Great for Extrusion/Pultrusion Applications.
  11. FMT60 Shaftless Take-Up and Pay-out Machines Heavy Duty Floor mounted shaftless take-ups provide you with improved productivity, reducing processing time.
  12. Standard Reel Capacities: TAKE-UPRST3N 30” to 60” dia., 34” wide X 3,000 lbs. RST4N 30” to 60” dia., 36” wide X 4,000 lbs. RST5
  13. Traversing Reel Take-ups and Payoffs are some of the most advanced on the market today. The units traverse the entire reel in front of the material line, creating an optimum layer
  14. Pintle Arm (Cantilevered) Shaftless Take-ups and Payoffs are built tough, for years of trouble-free material processing. Standard sizes are available for reels from 28 in. (711mm)
  15. These units are offered in capacities from 5,000 to 20,000 lbs. with reel sizes ranging up to 120" diameter. Drive options are Hydraulic, AC or SCR DC.
  16. The High Speed Take-ups and Payoffs meet the demand for faster speed, wire and cable manufacturing and rewind. The heavy duty fixed pintle design allows processing speeds up to
  17. ReelPower Industrial Cable  new line of Automatic Dual Reel Take-Up systems offers high-speed material processing and durability for long operational life.
  18. In-Line shaftless automatic take-up machinery manufactured to synchronize with your process. It also comes with custom reel capacities designed as per your specification.
  19. Model HDHSTU & HDHSPO Series of take-ups and pay-offs were developed for higher take-up and pay-off speed applications. A robust and compact design allows for minimum floor
  20. ILHSS Series HD Automatic Coiling Machine comes with adjustable cable tensioner for providing back tension and free standing heavy duty out of material limit, allows machine to
  21. p/n SP-RHMS120, Portable Powered Respooling machine
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  22. Standard system developed to provide tension controlled pay out and take up operations. Capable of 1,000 lbs of line tension at a 42 inch radius and line speeds of 50 feet per
  23. NK Series: Take-Up Reeling Machine and Coiling Machine comes with powered hydraulic control to raise and lower the reel automatically
  24. MACHINE TRAVERSES ENTIRE REEL CREATING AN OPTIMUM LAYER AROUND PACKAGE FEATURES • Adjustable Width Material Guide Sheave • Processes Round, Flat, And Rectangular Products •