Pay-out Machinery

Pay-out machinery allows the operator to "pay-out" or "off load" flexible material in a controlled manner which provides for quality re spooling and coiling. It improves safety, as the pay-out is controlled, it protects the material from damage, and it assists the operator in the respooling and coiling process. Payout machinery helps improve the efficiency of reel and cable coiling operation through its unique design. There are different types of payout machines based on size and type of material used, size of reels, weight of the overall product for coiling & spooling - Mobile pay-outs, Floor mounted, Heavy duty mobile pay-outs, etcetera. Payout Machineries of ReelPower Industrial performs the operations like spooling flexible materials, spooling fiber optic cable, spooling fiber optic material, spooling fiber optic wire, spooling rubber, coiling flexible materials, coiling rubber, coiling fiber optic cable, coiling fiber optic material, coiling fiber optic wire and much more.
  • RSP Series:Stationary Reeling and Coiling Machinery-pay-out series

    RSP Series:Stationary Reeling and Coiling Machinery-pay-out series

      RSP 20” to 48” dia., 36” wide X 2,500 lbs. RSP3N 20” to 54” dia., 54” wide X 3,000 lbs. RSP4N 30” to 60” dia., 38” wide X 4,000 lbs. RSP5 38” to 72” dia., 48” wide X 5,000 lbs. 1HP to 3HP mechanical, 3HP to 20HP hydraulic and 1HP to 5HP SCR drives are available...

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  • HJP


      Recommended for use with paying out material from supply reels. The HJP can improve the efficiency of your reel and cable handling operation. By utilizing a hydraulic jack (standard) or ElectroLift, reels can be raised and lowered with ease, using minimal manpower....

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  • Tip-Up Cart  (Portable Pay-Out Carts)

    Tip-Up Cart (Portable Pay-Out Carts)

      Reel Capacity: 48” dia. x 32” wide x 2,000 lbs. Portable pay-out stands have five (5) reel loading positions for various sized pay-out reels. The operator uses his/her body weight as leverage to lift the reel into position. Replaceable bolt on axle brackets. No more cutting and welding to replace worn brackets....

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  • TUC5


      ReelPower Industrial Special Model TUC5 is capable of supporting reels up to 60" O.D. X 48" wide x 5,000 lbs. Includes Multi Level Shaft Supports for various diameter reels, Integral tilting, Reel Carriage for loading and unloading and is available floor mounted with bolt down flanges.  ...

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  • Cable Reel Transporters

    Cable Reel Transporters

      These units are offered in capacities from 5,000 to 20,000 lbs. with reel sizes up to 120" in diameter....

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  • Rotating Payoffs

    Rotating Payoffs

      The "RPO" series rotating cradle style payoffs are designed to neutralize back twisting in cabling lines. These systems work in conjunction with downstream pulling equipment such as a rotating caterpuller capstan. Units are equipped with manual shaftless pintle housings and reel loading is accomplished via customer's overhead or jib crane. The touchscreen control package may coordinate multiple...

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  • WKP Series: Heavy Duty Mobile Payout

    WKP Series: Heavy Duty Mobile Payout

      Portable WKP Pay-out Machine has a heavy duty structural steel mobile frame design which comes standard with casters and floor locks for ease of maneuverability and stability during operation.Utilization of a Hydraulic Jack allows reel to be raised and lowered with ease,eliminating the need to “tilt” and ergonomic strain (back-strain) problems....

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  • FMP Series: Floor Mounted Shaftless Pay-Outs

    FMP Series: Floor Mounted Shaftless Pay-Outs

      Heavy duty floor mounted shaftless pay-outs provide you with increased productivity, reduced processing time and fast, easy supply reel change-outs....

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  • Reel Transporter & Payoff

    Reel Transporter & Payoff

      Reel transport and payoff has doubles as a high capacity payoff system with options including a 16" Bronze Ventilated Disc or electromagnetic tension brake system and powered payoff and rewind assist reel rotation....

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  • Cable Reel Stands

    Cable Reel Stands

      Reelpower Industrial Heavy Duty Cable Reel Stands are designed to last, featuring a forklift base to move them around with. Reelpower WC offers a complete line of standard, custom, and powered Cable Reel Stands to meet all your reeling needs....

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  • Combo FMP & FMT ALL-IN-ONE

    Combo FMP & FMT ALL-IN-ONE

      Shaftless High Speed Take-Up Re-Spooler/Rewind System Integrated FMP-8 Series Pintle Stule Shaftless Pay-Out and FMT-4 Take-Up Re-spooling/Rewind system....

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