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  • Mini - Penthouse

    Mini - Penthouse

      The “Mini-Penthouse” is ideally suited for pulling material from reel racks, reel roller platforms or a pay-out cart. Also, ideal for use with an extrusion line when equipped with a dancer or tension control....

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  • Automatic Cut and Transfer ACT-16

    Automatic Cut and Transfer ACT-16

      The ACT System is highly flexible and reliable applicable to multiple products and applications. Now operating on and offline wire and cable, medical tubing andplastic profile on applications....

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  • Mobile Lift Carts

    Mobile Lift Carts

      The Mobile Lift Carts are designed to handle of spools and reels, and transporting within a manufacturing facility easily....

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  • Automatic Cut & Transfer ACT-26

    Automatic Cut & Transfer ACT-26

      The Automatic Cut and Transfer System, automatic spool is highly flexible and reliable applicable to multiple products and applications. The Automatic Cut and Transfer System offers fast return of investment when replacing manual machines with improved safety and one operator to operate multiple lines....

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  • Dual Reel Automatic Takeups

    Dual Reel Automatic Takeups

      ReelPower Industrial Cable  new line of Automatic Dual Reel Take-Up systems offers high-speed material processing and durability for long operational life....

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  • High Speed Spoolers & Coilers

    High Speed Spoolers & Coilers

      These units are offered in a variety of capacities for spooling or coiling wire, cable and other flexible materials....

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  • Mobile Measurers & Coilers

    Mobile Measurers & Coilers

      The mobile measuring and coiling systems are ideally suited for coiling (or spooling) material from source reels mounted on a reel rack, roller platform or payout cart....

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  • Dual Head Spoolers & Coilers

    Dual Head Spoolers & Coilers

      The DHSC is a complete dual head spooler/coiler designed for continuous production. When one spool is running the operator can be unloading the full spool and loading an empty spool to make ready for the change over....

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  • Conduit Rack

    Conduit Rack

      Reelpower Industrial Conduit Racking for storing bundles of conduit or singles in a ready-to-pull application which is quick and easy. No more pulling from bundles on the floor. Helps to make the most use of your space....

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  • Reel Power Ind HJ/CVS: Mobile Reel-To-Coil Machine

    Reel Power Ind HJ/CVS: Mobile Reel-To-Coil Machine

      Standard Specifications 1 HP SCR Variable Speed Drive, 0-70 RPM Pay-out capacity 20” to 48” dia. x 36” wide x 2,500 lbs. ROM 1700 Measurer - 1/8” to 2” dia. capacity 1 3/8” dia. Reel Shaft Bushings for 2”, 2 1/2” and 3” arbor holes Heavy Duty Swivel Casters (rear) 10” Front Wheels Model 5C or 7C Collapsible Coilers Floor Locks Tool Tray ...

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  • FMT Series: Floor Mounted Shaftless Take-Ups

    FMT Series: Floor Mounted Shaftless Take-Ups

      Heavy duty floor mounted shaft less take-ups provide you with improved productivity,reducing processing time. Standard Speed Ranges 0-35 RPM or 0-70 RPM. Optional Dual Speed Range 0-35 and 0-70 RPM available. Independent Arm Movement standard. Optional Simultaneous Arm Movement available....

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  • FMP Series: Floor Mounted Shaftless Pay-Outs

    FMP Series: Floor Mounted Shaftless Pay-Outs

      Heavy duty floor mounted shaftless pay-outs provide you with increased productivity, reduced processing time and fast, easy supply reel change-outs....

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  • Heavy Duty Coiler – PC 3000

    Heavy Duty Coiler – PC 3000

      1, 2, 3, and 5 HP AC Vector Variable Speed Drive System to maintain line tension and automatically synchronize speed of coiler with speed of process line....

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  • WKP Series: Heavy Duty Mobile Payout

    WKP Series: Heavy Duty Mobile Payout

      Portable WKP Pay-out Machine has a heavy duty structural steel mobile frame design which comes standard with casters and floor locks for ease of maneuverability and stability during operation.Utilization of a Hydraulic Jack allows reel to be raised and lowered with ease,eliminating the need to “tilt” and ergonomic strain (back-strain) problems....

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  • Bobbin Spooler System - BSS-3500

    Bobbin Spooler System - BSS-3500

      NEW DESIGN! • Production speeds up to 3500 FPM (17.7 M/S) • Pneumatic reel lift table • No trenching or floor alterations required saving money, time, and effort • Touchscreen HMI controls and full system monitoring • Multiple safety features such as interlocking doors - ideal for high speed applications • Custom sizes available • Manufactured in the USA...

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  • TUC5


      ReelPower Industrial Special Model TUC5 is capable of supporting reels up to 60" O.D. X 48" wide x 5,000 lbs. Includes Multi Level Shaft Supports for various diameter reels, Integral tilting, Reel Carriage for loading and unloading and is available floor mounted with bolt down flanges.  ...

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