Wire Manufacturing

  1. Recommended for use with paying out material from supply reels. The HJP can improve the efficiency of your reel and cable handling operation. By utilizing a hydraulic jack
  2. PT series turntable is used for paying off wire, cable, hose, wire rope and other flexible products.
  3. 1, 2, 3, and 5 HP AC Vector Variable Speed Drive System to maintain line tension and automatically synchronize speed of coiler with speed of process line.
  4. Heavy Duty Floor Mounted Shaftless Pay-Outs provide you with increased productivity, reduced processing time and fast, easy supply reel change-outs.
  5. Heavy duty floor mounted shaftless take-ups provide you with improved productivity, reducing processing time. Standard Speed Ranges 0-35 RPM or 0-70 RPM. Optional Dual Speed Range
  6. Reelpower Industrial  Model 1704 measurer is designed to measure heavy and large diameter material such as Wire Rope and large diameter Cable. The pivot arms and springs keep
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  7. The ReelPower Industrial  Model 1700 material length measurer offers increased accuracy, durability and operator convenience. The ROM 1700 has a measuring head that literally
  8. The ReelPower Industrial 1700 series measurers are designed durable, easy to use, and highly accurate. Spring tension pinch roll design provides constant pressure on the material
  9. Standard FeaturesLT 200 Series 1/64" to 2" Diameter material LT 400 Series 1/8" to 4" Diameter material Adjustable entrance & exit guide rollers - both
  10. TAKE -UPRST3N 30” to 60” dia., 34” wide X 3,000 lbs. RST4N 30” to 60” dia., 36” wide X 4,000 lbs. RST5 36” to 72” dia., 45” wide X 5,000 lbs.
  11. RSP 20” to 48” dia., 36” wide X 2,500 lbs.RSP3N 20” to 54” dia., 54” wide X 3,000 lbs. RSP4N 30” to 60” dia., 38” wide X 4,000 lbs. RSP5 38” to 72”
  12. Standard FeaturesHD Frame with Bolt Down Tabs Variable Speed SCR Drive System 10” Dia. UHMW Guide Sheaves Manual Hydraulic Lift Jack
  13. Shafted and Shaftless Machines for Torque Synchronization. Manufactured to your specifications and Needs. Great for Extrusion/Pultrusion Applications.
  14. For pulling material from Pay-out equipment, or for in-process applications such as extruders. drawing lines, stranding lines, printers and automatic cut-to-length braiders.
  15. Reelpower Industrial PRR Series was created for use in extrusion, assembly and inspection processes or where minimum floor space usage is required. The PRR may be easily loaded
  16. Automatic Cut to Length Machine - Automatic Cut to Length In-Line production and distribution machine. Designed specifically for production and distribution demands that require
  17. Wire Insulation Tester WIT 101 High Speed Re-Spooler: The Wire Insulation Tester (WIT ) is powered by a 1 HP variable speed drive system providing speeds up to 1,000 ft per
  18. Standard Reel Capacities: TAKE-UPRST3N 30” to 60” dia., 34” wide X 3,000 lbs. RST4N 30” to 60” dia., 36” wide X 4,000 lbs. RST5
  19. The Heavy Duty Coiler is to be used with Coil Steel, Rubber Belting, Sheet Tubing, Heavy Cable and other flexible material applications.  
  20. Traversing Frame Take-Ups and Payoffs are someof the most advanced on the market today, now with capacities up to 250,000 pounds.
  21. Standard and custom systems are available forapplications in numerous industries from cablemanufacturing to umbilical, hose, tube, and pipe.
  22. Traversing Reel Take-ups and Payoffs are some of the most advanced on the market today. The units traverse the entire reel in front of the material line, creating an optimum layer
  23. ReelPower Walk Through Shaftless Pay-Out are some of the most advanced on the market today,now it has some advanced features with 15,000 lb. capacity shaftless pay-Out.
  24. Bobbin Spooler & Shaftless Payout is one of the latest and best product with increased speed, it comes with shaftless RSP2 Payoff with advanced tension brake.
  25. The High Speed Take-ups and Payoffs meet the demand for faster speed, wire and cable manufacturing and rewind. The heavy duty fixed pintle design allows processing speeds up to
  26. PSTU and PSPO's are offered in capacities from 1,000 to 3,000 lbs. with reel sizes up to 60" in diameter. Drive options are AC, Mechanical and SCR.
  27. Reel changes don't have to mean lost productivity. Now you can run continuous production lines and control your Payouts and Take-ups with horizontal and vertical accumulators from
  28. Dancers provide constant tension on material by controlling the speed of the payoff or take-up.
  29. ReelPower Industrial Cable  new line of Automatic Dual Reel Take-Up systems offers high-speed material processing and durability for long operational life.
  30. The "RPO" series rotating cradle style payoffs are designed to neutralize back twisting in cabling lines. These systems work in conjunction with downstream pulling equipment such
  31. Spiral Striping System is a practical approach to your wire identification requirements. Engineered to be the ultimate in high production wire coding systems, the WST-200 series
  32. Reel Power Industrial has a wealth of experience with drives and controls - ranging from hydraulics, pneumatics, SCR DC, AC Vector to PC and PLC based control technology and their
  33. The Twinning & Quadding Equipment consist of on board capstan which pulls the wire at a constant speed to insure the proper lay length, and the tension take-up drive will
  34. Equipment BenefitsAutomatic Cut & Transfer Precision Military Winding Improved Production up to 1000 FPM Optional Automatic Stretch Wrap Lowest Maintenance No Belts,
  35. Small Caterpullar is used for pulling material from pay-out equipment, or for in process applications such as extruders, drawing lines,stranding lines,printers and automatic
  36. In-Line shaftless automatic take-up machinery manufactured to synchronize with your process. It also comes with custom reel capacities designed as per your specification.
  37. The ACT System is highly flexible and reliable applicable to multiple products and applications. Now operating on and offline wire and cable, medical tubing andplastic
  38. Traversing Frame Take-Ups and Payoffs are some of the most advanced on the market today, now with capacities up to 100,000 pounds. 
  39. Unit Features:Integrated safety featuresSafety Scanners Integrated Guarding Camera Integrated Safety Lock-Out systemSmart-phone compatibility Integrated
  40. Model HDHSTU & HDHSPO Series of take-ups and pay-offs were developed for higher take-up and pay-off speed applications. A robust and compact design allows for minimum floor
  41. Extra Wide Gantry Takeups and Payoffs is one the outstanding product which comes with zero fleeting angle in your Line and also comes with extra wide telescoping frame to fit
  42. Binder BH5-S comes with custom sized to fit your needs and it allows shaft to ride on roller bearings.
  43. ILHSS Series HD Automatic Coiling Machine comes with adjustable cable tensioner for providing back tension and free standing heavy duty out of material limit, allows machine to
  44. Semiautomatic coilers are a low cost alternative to fully automatic equipment. These coilers wind the product as it emerges from the extrusion line automatically following
  45. Bobbin Spooler System - 3500 FPMNEW DESIGN!Fully automated patent pending split style flooding adjustable coiling head holdsstem pack in place to reduce changeover
  46. • Cutter/Coiler/Binder • Cuts Wire to Desired Length • Binds Coil in Two Places • Custom Tail Lengths for Termination
  47. Automatic Coiler • Allen Bradley PLC • Red Lion HMI • Automatic Feed • Automatic Cutter • Automatic Coiler • Automatic Bander • Automatic Eject
  48. For High Production Environments CHPM Series Precision-machined, Adjustable Coiling Heads offer: • Machined components offering close tolerances • Four & five arm
  49. 1. The operator inserts an axle onto the reel with the proper reel adapter bushing.2. Tilt the cart onto the wheels and maneuver the unit forward into the reeluntil the reel axle
  50. NK Series: Take-Up Reeling Machine and Coiling Machine comes with powered hydraulic control to raise and lower the reel automatically